Friday, March 21, 2008

The Apostolic Report

A new website called The Apostolic Report (AR) launched on March 6, 2008. The purpose of the site is to provide an online news and information base that is geared to the interests of Apostolic believers. While some of the content published on the site includes original material (i.e. interviews, announcements and news stories) many of the posts are abstracts of general news stories that are of particular interest to Aposotlics. This truly is a unique web site with many compelling articles.

A couple days ago Jeremy Lynch, the founder and administrator of the site, invited me to be a contributor to AR. I accepted the invitation and have already made a few contributions. Because the focus of the site is news reporting, my articles on AR will not contain any commentary and analysis. However, I will likely republish some of my AR articles on this blog with added commentary and analysis that will, hopefully, provide greater insight and clarity to the issues.

At any rate, I am encouraging everyone to check out The Apostolic Report as it promises to be a useful and interesting clearing house for news and information.

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