Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Free Resources for Tech Savy Churches

A few weeks ago I discovered a web site that has many very helpful tips regarding free computer/Internet services and resources for churches. The name of the site is "Mister Nifty - Your Church Web Servant" (URL - It's an odd name, but a very useful site.

The site features a blog format that contains categories for various resources. Examples include: Audio Ministry, Communication, File Storage, Finance, Graphic Design, Leadership Tools, Ministry Tools, and Video Ministry - to name just a few. Each category has multiple entries containing reviews, annotated links, and other information.

Check it out! You are likely to find a few helpful resources like I did.

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inspectorfegter said...

Thanks for the plug! :) I know the name is cheesy, but it's worked so far to get people to come back. Thanks for helping spread the word.

God bless,
Brian Fegter aka Mister Nifty