Thursday, February 5, 2009

Personal and Family Financial Resources

I've spent quite a bit of time as a counselor and minister reading, reviewing, and teaching materials on personal finance. The following list are some of the most useful resources that I recommend to people on a regular basis.


How to Manage Your Money – Larry Burkett
Until people have an attitude change about money, it will continue to control and confuse them. This workbook is an excellent tool to get readers on track toward a liberated financial life. This bestseller contains newly updated material, plus a step-by-step, in-depth study of God's principles for money management.

Family Financial Workbook – Larry Burkett
Finances are the leading cause of marital breakdown and strife. Family Financial Workbook is one of the best tools a family can have to manage their finances with God's direction. With a comprehensive collection of easy-to-follow worksheets, practicality is key feature of this great resource.


Your Money Map – Howard Dayton
Based on the phenomenally popular Money Map concept created by Crown Financial Ministries, this book outlines a simple roadmap for organizing one’s finances through life. The author’s expertise and financial experience come to light as he guides readers on a journey toward Biblically based, true financial freedom.

Free and Clear – Howard Dayton
Overwhelmed with debt? Becoming debt-free may seem an impossible dream for many, but it is actually an attainable goal. Learn how to overcome your struggle with debt by applying God's principles to managing your finances with this practical, encouraging, never-give-up book.


The Money Answer Book – Dave Ramsey
This quick and simple, question and answer book is a great resource for equipping individuals with key information about everyday money matters. Questions and answers deal with 100+ of the most-asked questions on many topics including: budget planning, retirement planning, personal buying matters, saving, investing, and more.

Crown Spending Plan - Crown Financial Ministries (free PDF)
Short but sweet. This booklet contains helpful information regarding becoming debt free, making a budget, shopping tips, and more. Contains worksheets to help establish and track your personal spending plan.

Websites - Crown Financial Ministries - Simply the best at what they do. There are many resources available on their site - many of them for free. - Crown Money Map - A free, interactive website where users can learn and document your journey towards financial freedom. - Money 101 - A step by step guide to gaining control of your financial life. Excellent tips and other quick and easy information on a variety of important topics.

Note: For a more detailed information regarding Crown Financial Ministries, please see my previous review of this organization.

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