Thursday, December 10, 2009

One Year Bible Reading Plan

River of Life is encouraging members to participate in a One Year Bible reading plan for 2010. We believe it is going to be a powerful, enriching, unifying experience to have many people from our congregation all reading the same passages from God's Word daily.

ROL is using the One Year Bible reading plan (the "traditional" plan - not the "chronological" one). Each day's reading includes relatively brief selections from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs (generally 4-6 pages total). Read these few pages every day and by the end of the year you will have completely read the whole Bible from cover to cover!  Below are some FAQs along with resources and tips for those who are planning on participating.

How do I know what to read each day?

You can obtain the reading plan for the One Year Bible for free! There are several reading methods to choose from including...

  • Read online - the website contains links to both weekly and monthly readings. The links redirect to the portal opening a web page containing only the passages for that particular day.
  • Read your own existing Bible - download and/or print out the PDF of the reading plan (we'll also have some copies available at ROL for those who need it). Simply flip to the daily readings in your Bible and start reading.
  • Purchase a One Year Bible - Tyndale publishes Bibles that are already divided into daily reading selections corresponding to the One Year Bible reading plan. Several translations are available. Recommended translations include: the King James Version (KJV), the English Standard Version (ESV), and the New International Version (NIV). [The preceding links direct to the paperback versions from - other versions are available.]
What if I cannot complete the daily readings?

We encourage all who are able to read the entire daily selection (includes passages from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs). The entire daily selection is usually a total of about 4 to 6 pages. However, if its not feasible to do this its still possible to participate daily. Here are some ideas...
  • Read part of the plan - If finishing the selection every day is a struggle you may choose to forgo the Old Testament section, forgo everything except the New Testament section, or read only the Psalms and Proverbs passages daily. For example, you may read the NT and Psalms this year and the OT and Proverbs next year. Whatever you decide, please make an effort to participate in some way - even if you only read the Proverbs section each day (which is only a few verses).
  • Listen to an audio Bible - Another idea that may help some is to listen to the Bible being read. You may read along or simply relax and listen. Perhaps the best way is to subscribe to the podcast (more info here).  Another method is to use the "Read online" option (see above) via the website to link to the daily selections at - which contains a link to hear the audio for each selection (depending on the translation selected you may have to download the free Real Player - and some translations do not contain audio). Or, you can download free MP3 audio files of the Bible from Firefighters for Christ or (more info and options here). You can listen to the MP3s from a computer or MP3 player or burn them into audio CDs. There are also many audio Bible collections available for purchase online or at local bookstores.

Suggested Links:

The One Year Bible Website - Link to daily readings or download the reading plan in PDF

One Year Bible Free Audio - A couple free options to listen to the One Year Bible.

Free Audio Bible MP3 Downloads - Several free options for Bible MP3s.

 Reading the Bible in One Year - Tips, helpful information, and motivation.

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