Monday, January 18, 2010

Free Marriage Booklets from Focus on the Family

A while back I discovered three ebooklets available for free from Focus on the Family.  All three are available via PDF download (and can be printed) and two of them are available for online reading.  These booklets are brief, but have good, basic information.  These are good resources for ministers and counselors to recommend to others.

The booklet Should I Get a Divorce? is a good resource for couples who appear to be headed for a divorce.  The booklet contains various insights regarding the ramifications of divorce that are often not considered, how marriages can and do improve over time, and healing damaged relationships.

The booklet Marriage and Conflict attempts to answer common questions about relationships and how to resolve conflict in a healthy, Biblical manner.  It attempts to teach how to deal constructively with disagreements without letting them get out of control.

Finally, the booklet When Your Marriage Needs Help attempts to provide practical steps to help couples find resolutions to common issues to build stronger relationships.  It also describes what to look for in a marriage counselor and how to find one.

Download the PDF versions from the above links, or click here to go to the Focus on the Family web site for more options.

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