Sunday, January 3, 2010

One Year Bible Free Audio

Our church, River of Life, is participating in the One Year Bible daily reading plan this year.  A few people have asked me if I was aware of any options for listening to the daily reading selections.  I have already posted about Free Audio Bible MP3 Downloads, but some are interested in audio options that specifically correspond to the One Year Bible daily selections.  After a little looking, I found a couple of free options.

One option is to listen online at:

There are a couple of limitations with this option.  The free version is only available online through a Flash player on their site... and only the audio for the current day's selection is available.  There are links to purchase MP3s for all the readings via download, by ordering CDs, or by purchasing a customized MP3 player - but these options are not free.  Also, the audio is only available in the New Living Translation.

The other option (and the better one, in my opinion) is:

Daily Audio Bible offers free daily online audio via a Flash player on their site, and free daily MP3 downloads via their podcast feed.  The daily reading selections correspond exactly to the One Year Bible reading plan.  Unfortunately, it is also available only in the New Living Translation (in English and Spanish).  But, it is a better option because the podcast feed allows you download the files to iTunes (or any podcast/feed reader) so you can keep the file and sync the audio on your iPod (or other MP3 player), make audio CDs, and so forth.  While MP3sfor past selections are available (in case you miss a day, etc.) you can only get the current selection MP3 about one day in advance, so you have to check back every day.


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